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Our support services are a direct result of our desire to be more than just designers, engineers and consultants. We enjoy getting involved out in the field, on the factory floor and in our own facility by rolling up our sleeves and jumping in to help. We’re never afraid to dig into a problem, recommend a solution and then implement the fix ourselves. It’s the best way to ensure perfect documentation and successful outcomes every single time.

Our technicians are happy to help out in any way they can, whether you need them on-site, off-site or out in the field. Here are two unique ways we R.A.S. TEQ can help.

Field Technicians

When you require on-site help, the team at R.A.S. TEQ is standing by. We’re always willing to send our technicians out to visit factories, repair shops and dealers to lend a hand if needed. Oftentimes, we’ll visit our customers’ sites to demonstrate a repair, review documentation and help solve a problem. We’ve even worked on the road on behalf of our clients to configure equipment at trade shows and prepare marketing and sales demonstrations.

Thanks to decades of experience in manufacturing management, as well as on the assembly line and as end users of heavy-equipment products, we can bridge the gap between manufacturers and their various stakeholders. That makes having R.A.S. TEQ on site invaluable when it comes to solving problems that can ultimate save time and money.

Harvest Services

When we say we’re not afraid to go “out into the field,” we really mean it! Each year when its harvest time in the great American midwest, our crews support farmers and their equipment with repairs, parts and supplies. The harvest starts in the south and travels north with the weather as crops mature. And every year R.A.S. TEQ is there, working on behalf of some of the worlds largest agricultural equipment suppliers to keep their machinery running smoothly for the duration of the harvest. We are proud to play a small part in helping to put food on everyone’s table!

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