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At R.A.S. TEQ, we’re experienced in heavy equipment manufacturing and we’ve got the team, the tools and the action-oriented attitude to help solve problems. Like our name suggests, we are able to help manufacturers save money and improve outcomes in three key ways – by providing Research, Analysis and Solutions.


We act as an independent voice when it comes to researching manufacturing issues. We use our experience to identify and isolate problems that can occur during the product design and manufacturing process that might otherwise be obscured by unrelated factors. We understand how to dig into a problem and determine the root cause. We know the right questions to ask, and where to look for data that can help to unwind complex issues.


Our team knows how to think like a manufacturer, a supplier and end user. That means that we can provide the kind of unique outside perspective that sometimes gets lost in the day-to-day hustle that most manufacturers face. By analyzing the root cause of problems, we can recommend cost-effective, powerful solutions and greatly impact your bottom line. Our team acts as an independent adviser whenever outside perspective is necessary. By operating outside of the tight corporate structure that most manufacturers embrace, we can quickly and effectively analyze issues and present solutions.


This is where the rubber meets the road and what separates our group from the rest. We’re not just consultants – we love to travel out into the field with our clients to implement our recommendations. Whether it’s collaborating onsite with a supplier to solve a problem, managing a complex product rollout and training event, or spending time working on a factory floor to coach, observe and analyze, the R.A.S. TEQ team can be counted on to help. We’re more than just thinkers, we’re action-oriented doers. And with our team working behind the scenes on your behalf, there’s nothing we can’t help you accomplish.

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