At R.A.S. TEQ, we’re a complete resource for manufacturers. Thanks to decades of experience in the heavy equipment manufacturing industry, we know how to bridge the gap between manufacturers and their various suppliers, dealers and other stakeholders in order to solve complex problems. Most importantly, we’re more than just thinkers – we’re doers who relish any opportunity to roll up our sleeves and swing into action on behalf of our clients. Here are a just a few examples of how we have successfully helped all types of manufacturers improve outcomes, solve problems and increase their bottom line.

Equipment Repair

We’ve got experience working with all types of heavy equipment, and our team knows how to make repairs that most factories aren’t equipped to handle. With a full design and fabrication shop as well as on-site expertise in hydraulics, automation and control system programming, our knowledgeable team won’t shy away from taking on big fixes. We can repair tractors, combines and other agricultural equipment as well as construction equipment and heavy machinery that’s used for just about any application. Best of all, we can serve as a way station for repairs and modification before equipment is delivered to the end dealer – ensuring the seamless and efficient delivery of top quality products.

Design, Engineering & Documentation

Sometimes manufacturers need outside perspective to help solve unique design challenges. The team at R.A.S. TEQ uses decades of experience designing, operating and manufacturing all sorts of machinery to expertly optimize the design of all types of equipment. In addition, our engineers can create CAD drawings, schematics and other documentation to aid manufacturers and their downstream partners in making repairs. We’ve created physical and software-based documentation for all types of repairs and recalls that walks a technician through the necessary steps while providing a baseline timeframe for the work performed. That way manufacturers know that their dealers and service technicians are making repairs quickly, efficiently and correctly.

Manual Writing

A unique aspect of the team at R.A.S. TEQ is that we have experience in manufacturing administration, on the factory floor and as users of many of the products we service. This means that we’re in a unique position to help communicate instructions, procedures and processes to end users. We’ve written detailed Operator’s Manuals for a wide array of products, and we’ve used our experience servicing equipment to write detailed processes for repairs. Many of our clients are able to save money and enable more efficient communication with their various downstream partners¬† as a direct result of our detailed manuals and instructions.


This is an area where we excel. Whether its organizing a seminar for repair technicians or helping a manufacturer roll out new products to their dealers, we’ve got the knowledge and the team to execute world-class training events. We can secure a venue, help you mobilize and configure your products, handle audio/video needs, provide documentation and take-aways. In a nutshell, we can conceive and execute complete events that communicate successfully with trainees, salesmen and other audiences.

Software Development

Thanks to our proprietary RIAT software platform, we can create customized online tools to aid in various manufacturing and repair processes. From visually documenting the steps to assemble a product or creating an iPhone app so that field technicians can easily make a needed repair, the RIAT system makes it easy to achieve consistent, high-quality outcomes. Best of all, the RIAT system can be customized to support just about any process so its uses are almost unlimited.

Equipment Configuration

When finished machinery leaves the factory, sometimes it requires final configuration that is too complex or time consuming for dealers or end users to handle. Thanks to our experience working with all types of heavy equipment we can quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively configure, customize and test products prior to releasing them into your distribution chain. Configuration is a critical step when a product requires customization based on its specific application or the geography where it is being delivered. At R.A.S. TEQ, we’ve got the tools, the team and the experience to help you get your products to market correctly no matter what.

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