We’re proud of the many strong client relationships we’ve built over the years, and we’re even more proud when we can provide a perfect solution for a unique challenge. Here are  just a few of the accolades we’ve received from major, worldwide equipment manufacturers over the years.

“RAS Services has a workforce of experienced professionals who have worked with agricultural equipment for many years. They are familiar with not only the machines but the applications the machines are used in for different farming techniques both in North America and around the world. This helps to guide a client to the most logical approach and solution for the problem at hand.”

“Your employees require very little ramp-up time to understand the engagement, how it should be approached and the best logistical path to follow to accomplish the task at hand”

“They understand the complexities in dealing with a large OEM’s, a Distribution Network and Product End-Users. They display the ability to communicate and conduct themselves accordingly with all audiences, respecting appropriate protocols and required confidentiality that leaves all persons they interface with feeling confident and satisfied with services provided.”

“No matter what the task is, whether a tangible deliverable component or labor assistance, RAS Service employees deliver quality in all aspects of the engagement. This leads to virtually no re-work or wasted effort, reducing cost and time for all involved.”

“When they say they will deliver something or physically be present at a defined location on a specific day, they never disappoint with delays and excuses. They go all out to deliver on-time and on-budget.”

“RAS Services employees consistently take on challenges that most companies would find too complex to handle. No matter the effort required, RAS Services goes the extra mile to solve the problem and deliver the desired results.”

“The experience of RAS Services employees allows them to be very well prepared for the assignments in which they engage. And, that experience gives them significant advantage to “anticipate” challenges that may arise during the assignment.”

“The technical solutions developed by RAS Services are the result of creative innovation. Also, their familiarity of our industry has resulted in unique systems, tools, and approaches that address improved efficiencies and effectiveness.”


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